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Confetti and Streamers by Stage FX

Stage FX is the number one Australian stockist of

Confetti Products, Confetti Cannons, Confetti Machines

Holi Powder, Smoke Emitters, Colour Run, Gender Reveal

Neon Body Paint (Glow Party / Neon Party)

CO2 FX (Cryo Guns / CO2 Jets / CO2 FX / T-Shirt Launghers)

Spark / Fire / Snow / Fog / Foam / Bubble / Smoke / Fog / Haze Machines

Many other Stage FX products

Whether it’s for a wedding, party, corporate event, awards night, photo shoot, private celebration, colour run or school fund raising, your guests will love it when your Stage FX products fill your venue with spectacular effects.

We have the biggest buying power available enabling us to give you the best price. Size does count. So join us on your next adventure to MAKE YOUR SHOW STAND OUT.

About Confetti and Streamers

  • About Confetti

    Stage FX Confetti has been designed to be the best it can be with no negotiation on quality. We have many sizes but the reason we make the most popular size 5cm x 2cm is to give the longest hang time with the least amount of resistance. It can fly high and gently float to the ground.

    We also make balloon circle confetti as well to the same specifications as our most popular lines. The Metallic Mylar looks fantastic at night catching the light from your performance, glistening in the distance, really making your show stand out.

  • Locally Stocked

    We are the largest importer of confetti in Australia and carry Tons in stock at any one time. Enabling us to ship this fast around Australia at any time.

  • Your Safety

    We only purchase Flame Proof Mylar and paper to ease your mind about any getting stuck in a lighting truss. You can rest assured this is the best quality for your next show.

  • Clothing

    The Mylar is all colour fast so it won’t stain. We continuously are doing quality assurance to make sure your confetti looks great.

  • Bulk Quantities

    If you’re planning a big event then we can look after you on price as well with bulk buys. We supply companies all over Australia and have distributors anywhere who can also help you, please Contact Us. Bulk discounts available.

Colour your world

Carefully crafted Stage FX Confetti and Streamers. Large selection in stock ready to ship.

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